Michigan post card from Harbor Springs.

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Actually, the "us" is me: Pete V.R. A seasoned advertising creative and conceptual artist whose medium is brands.

One of those brands is Harbor Springer.™ If you want to contact me, jump here for the info. Or, read on if you have a minute.

My family often visits Harbor Springs, Michigan. So much so that I consider myself a "Harbor Springer." And, as a would-be artist, I've set out to capture the spirit of this uncanny little nook on the globe.

But I'm not a "paint a pretty picture of the harbor," type of artist. Instead, I seek to pinpoint then extrapolate the essence of a subject, an idea or, in this case, a place—its atmosphere and attitude.

In Harbor Spring's case, it's rich.

Rich with beauty. Rich with year-round activities. Rich with surrounding waters, forests and places to see, visit and shop.

Oh, and rich with rich people.

Lucky for you, I'm also not one of those "the rich are evil, down with capitalism" type artists either. While I don't count myself among the well-to-do, I certainly don't begrudge them. In fact, I find it refreshing to celebrate all of Harbor Springs' riches by creating original, unique designs that capture every aspect of living (or wishing you could live) in and around Harbor Springs, Michigan. It started with my breezy, hand-drawn Harbor Springer springer spaniel logo, and I haven't stopped since, highlighting everything from yachting, to the trillium flowers that blanket the forest floors in spring, to the unapologetic joys of well-heeled relaxation—mostly with my tongue firmly in cheek, of course.

That's why I say we're all Harbor Springers in a way; we're all looking to live our richest life—could have nothing to do with fortune or fame. My Harbor Springer brand is all about capturing that "rich life"—however you define it—in art and design. Then I share it here with you, fellow Harbor Springer, wherever you are on this planet and in your life's pursuits.

Contact Information

For the fulfillment of all store orders, I use Teespring.com.

So if you have a question or concern regarding:

- Shipping,
- Returns,
- Product Details,
- Orders and Order Tracking
- Or Similar issues

please contact Teespring here. Thank you.

If you have a question or comment about:

- The Harbor Springer designs or art itself,
- Offering Harbor Springs art or apparel in your retail store,
- Licensing or other business opportunities with the Harbor Springer brand

please contact me here.

Harbor Springer™

Clothing and art from our little corner of the bay in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Live Richest.

A Michigan brand.


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